New Ultimatest Grocery Lists: Deluxe v3.0 and Vegetarian!

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The Ultimatest Grocery List has been quite popular. We debuted it here a few months before the release of Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found, and now it’s the 2nd most visited page on the site.

We’ve recovered from some egregious spelling errors, silly categorizations, a simplistic design and other embarrassments to produce a solid update — based almost completely on your suggestions. You complained, we listened. I mean, you sent me some really great ideas for improving the Ultimatest List and I took them to heart.

First, the Deluxe list is now at version 3.0. It’s about as perfect as it’s gonna get. Enjoy.

Second, we finally created — from scratch — a Vegetarian list. Considering it’s version 1.0, we figure it’ll need a few revisions to get right. Let me know how we did (we’re not actually vegetarians here at GLC HQ!).

So. There you go. Download and put to good use.

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